As a kid I related to Eyeore. Always shy. Always a little nervous. Always sure things were not going to work out. But Always hopeful...

But like Eyeore, I was consistent. Always ready to help. Always wanted to help. Always willing to try. And as I grew, that entrepreneurial side of me began to realize that hope was just a beginning. I would need a middle and and an end as well, to make my story—my life, complete. 

Becoming an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It takes immense hard work, unfathomable hours and a little luck. Most of all, it takes belief and confidence in your idea and yourself. Of course, education helps, but it's not the secret. Money is necessary, but again, not the main ingredient (every successful entrepreneur will tell you their money story, and yes, they each have one...). Twenty years and scores of companies later, I have found there are three essential elements that play key roles in successful companies.

  • Dogged determination (heart)
  • Recognition of and response to reality (realism)
  • Attracting & keeping talent (teamwork)

That was the beauty of the 100 Acre Wood. It had all three. No problem was too big—windstorms, falling treehouses, floods or honey jars stuck on noses—as long as the friends stuck together. I can use all of that in my business and my life—determination, kindness, honesty, teamwork, celebration and belonging. 

Now, if only my tail would stop falling off...

Until next time, that's life + business—Adding It Up.

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